Each journal entry posted to her account is a combination of drawing and writing about Samantha’s interests and everyday life, whether she is sitting on the sidelines of her sons’ soccer games or strolling through a New York City art gallery or traveling abroad to Paris.
— Instagram; 3.2 Million Views

Her discipline and watchful eye for detail ground her daily drawings into a beautiful, organized, peaceful space. I love following her work everyday on Instagram — it’s mesmerizing! We talk about hard work, about politics and privilege, and about connecting with others through art.
— Mallory Kasdan, Podcaster

Baker’s Instagram is largely used to document the pages from her daily sketch journal, which feature phenomenal sketches and glorious handwriting to accompany it. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your own sketchbook, look no further.
— Buzzfeed; "Instagram Accounts You Should Follow If You're Slightly Obsessed With Pretty Handwriting"

I discovered Samantha’s talent on Instagram. I’m such a fan that I approached her for a collaboration!
— Sylvie Ganter, Atelier Cologne

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